ESP-KNX ESP Tri-Truss 290C

ESP-KNX ESP Tri-Truss 290C

Product Specs

ESP-290-C Tri-Truss is a great alternative to pinned style truss for permanent installations. The limited number of connection components results in a smooth and continuous look.

The gap-less interlocked tube design allows for continuous use of the chord surface to mount televisions with our patented mounts anywhere on the truss length. Using truss picks allows for universal mounting. The girdle-pick system is a great choice as it allows for a seamless and exceptionally low cost installation.

The power-truss configuration allows for quick and easy setup and support for all accessories such as our RiverDelta Multimedia system that removes the need for messy cables!

Comes in any size!

Completely compatible with all ESP Tri Truss TV mounts and is rated for use in seismic zones. See independent certification package for more details.