ESP-KNX UD PermaPick


Geared for permanent installation, ESP’s UD PermaPick is IBC 2012 and Code-Compliant in 50 States with an SF-5 Minimum Rating for Overhead Use.

Due to its inverted configuration, the UD PermaPick can be placed anywhere along the truss span that a GAC sling can; beautifully, quickly, and for less money!

The patented connection methods make this pick a snap to install with super low profile integral vertical and lateral (seismic) hard points.

Running out of balance due to offset loads?
No problem! Three integral pick points let you pick the optimum location for balance or allow a double hung arrangement for infinite adjustments.

Learn more about the ESP-KNX UD PermaPick here.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.