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I Beam Clamp (Patent Pending) – Entertainment Structural Products, Inc.

I Beam Clamp (Patent Pending)

 MSRP starting at $79.00



Where to Buy


-For permanent installation
-Available for all wide-flange standard beams
-Available in 1 ton through 5 ton static ratings
-Available in corrosion resistant high tensile stainless steel
-Lynch pin style final termination
-Extremely low profile


There is no faster or simpler product for permanent connection to your building steel than the new patent-pending ESP I Beam Clamp. Its clam-shell design allows an impossibly low profile for their rated capacity, while not bending the beam flanges.


-Most scissor-style beam clamps have no dynamic or off-axis capacity, ESP’s I Beam Clamp has both.

-Because the fastener loads are carried in shear and not tension, pre-load of clamp bolts is a non-issue and will never become a questionable factor in safety for the lifetime of the installation due to building vibration, excessive installation pre-load, or accidental overload within safety limits.


– The pin termination offers a multitude of connection options including multiple connections on a single I Beam Clamp.

-The KNX I Beam Clamp is the interface component in an ever expanding modular building steel connection system. For example, take two KNX I Beam Clamps and add a KNX PPBridge and now you have a rated, adjustable drop point between two beams. Simple, and no additional structural engineering required.


You Must Adhere to the Following Steps to Have a Compliant and Safe Overhead Installation.

1.) Always remember to consult a licensed structural engineer before making any connections to the steel in your building.

2.) Please! Never drill holes in beams (Unless instructed specifically to do so in writing by your licensed structural engineer.) 

The loads present may not be obvious, could be variable dependent on loading conditions (For example; snow on a roof, or fat cats dancing rhythmically) and could result in a serious structural failure. 


The KNX I Beam Clamp has a limited range of adjustability for proper fitment and maximum capacity, know your building steel size when ordering and the necessary connection capacity.

For Example:

Part Number = KNX-BC-WF(=Wide Flange)-16(=Beam Height)-33(=Lbs/ft)-1T(=Capacity)
4” 1T ESP-BC-4-1T
5” 1T ESP-BC-5-1T
6” 1T ESP-BC-6-1T
4” 2T ESP-BC-4-2T
5” 2T ESP-BC-5-2T
6” 2T ESP-BC-6-2T
4” 3T ESP-BC-4-3T
5” 3T ESP-BC-5-3T
6” 3T ESP-BC-6-3T

*If you don’t know your beam size, measure the flange width (the width across the bottom of the beam) and the thickness of the flange. Give a representative a call, and we will make sure you get the appropriate fitment for your installation.*

Don’t see your fitment? Call us for special engineered custom applications!

(866) 725-6176