The World’s Fastest TV Mount

The Facemount is geared for entertainment-style temporary installations. All versions of the mount are minimally rated for 100 lb. overhead load with a design safety factor of 5, but there are higher rated versions for heavier loads. The ESP TV mount uses the entire moment capacity of the truss and does not impose such a substantial local bending moment on the lower truss chord. Additionally, the over-tightening of U-bolts and crushing of the lower chord is a non issue with the design. The mount may be positioned anywhere along the usable length of truss barring obstructions such as vertical support connections, and allows for completely unobstructed use of the interior of the truss. The Facemount is available to fit all commercial box truss in multiple lengths and offsets. Custom sized units are available by special order. The special design of the ESP Facemount allows you to have it out of the box and on the truss in perfect alignment in under three minutes time.

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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.